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DIY: Personalize your Cork Board

Midterms are in full swing and it easy to become overwhelmed when you have piles upon piles of homeworks and exams. To remember which exams are on what day, you can write down your exams on a piece of index card and post them somewhere you see often! This coud be a cork board, if you have one in your room!

Sometimes, cork boards can look boring, but this DIY will show you a super easy way to revamp and personalize your cork board, in order to give it more color (other than the papers you probably already have posted on there)!

You will need:

Cork board


Choose one:

  • Decorative Paper, Scissors, and Glue; or
  • Paint and Paint Brushes

Optional: Straight-edge ruler


This DIY is super easy! Ready?

  1. Think of a design that you would like to put on your cork board. You could use patterns, such as: polka dots, stripes, chevron, and paisley. Draw this pattern on your cork board.
  2. Then, decide if you want to use paint or decorative paper.
  • If you’re using paint, you can directly paint on the pattern that you just drew on your board!
  • If you’re using decorative paper, draw your pattern on the paper, cut it using scissors, then glue the pieces on their respective places in your board.

Ta-da! Now you have a more colorful-looking cork board!

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