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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Are you feeling especially crafty this Easter weekend? Are you sick of the same old Easter routine? Try these creative ways to decorate Easter eggs to spice up your holiday!

1. Lace Eggs

What you’ll need: hard-boiled eggs, lace, rubber bands, dye

How to do it: Wrap your hard-boiled eggs in lace, dip them into the dye for as long as desired, and sit them out to try. After a few hours, untie the lace from the egg and enjoy your design! 

2.  “Tie-dye” Eggs

What you’ll need: Old ties, eggs, rubber bands, vinegar

How to do it: Cut up your ties into smaller pieces of fabric. Wrap non-boiled eggs in the ties and seal it with a rubber band. Boil the tie-covered eggs in vinegar and water and let dry. Untie and enjoy.

3.  Glitter dot eggs

What you’ll need: Hard-boiled eggs, adhesive stickers, loose glitter, paint brush 

How to do it: Place the adhesive stickers wherever you want on the hard-boiled egg.  Either sprinkle the loose glitter onto the adhesive or use a paint brush.  Make sure the entire sticker is covered with glitter, and put your glitter eggs on display!  

4.  Marbled eggs

What you’ll need: Hard-boiled eggs, shaving cream, food coloring, baking tray, paintbrush

How to do it: In the baking tray, make a mixture of food coloring and shaving cream, swirling it around to create your desired marble effect. Let the hard-boiled eggs soak in the mixture and use a paint brush to cover it entirely. Sit out to dry and enjoy.  

5.  Water Color Eggs 

What you’ll need:  Hard-boiled eggs, watercolor paints, colored pencil

How to do it: Coat the eggs with your favorite watercolor paint and let dry.  Go back afterwards with a colored pencil to add whatever design you want!  

Enjoy celebrating Easter with these easy and innovative craft ideas!  Happy holidays! 

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