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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Welcome back to the Hill, everybody! Now is the time when we are all figuring out our new schedules, overbooking our time, employing all of our personal “new year, new me” goals and tactics, and pretending to still have it all together. If you were too busy to make it to the Cocurricular Fair, (1) Girl, reevaluate your schedule, and (2) read this article to catch up on what you missed. I know you’re already SO busy (you probably complain about it all the time). But if you still want to get a tad more involved this year or try something new, feel free to check these orgs out. I picked a few that I know are both low commitment and pretty awesome. Enjoy!

1. The Gospel Choir of St. Olaf

So you aren’t a music major. That’s ok. You’re tone deaf? Also ok. You don’t read music? Good, they don’t use it. You can’t handle a ton of rehearsals? GIRL STOP COMING UP WITH EXCUSES. THEY ONLY MEET ONCE A WEEK. If you want to sing, clap, and dance once a week with an awesome community, join the Gospel Choir. They meet once a week on Tuesday nights, starting at 8 PM. Email the director, Devon Steve (steve@stolaf.edu), for details.

2.  TRIO Mentoring Program

If you are interested in education, want to make a difference, or desire to make meaningful connections with youth populations, consider being a TRIO Mentor. Once you are paired with a student mentee, you exchange letters weekly to get to know each other. Then three times a year, mentors and mentees meet up to see each other’s schools and daily routines. This will open your eyes to (1) cultural and social diversity (2) current issues in middle and high schools of Minnesota. Relatively low time commitment and great reward. Interested? Contact Heidi O’Hair (ohair@stolaf.edu) for details.

3.  St. Olaf Meditation Club

If you’re already so stressed out that you can’t even think about joining another thing, try mediation. The club meets during chapel time Monday-Friday in the Boe Chapel Prayer and Meditation Room (in the Undercroft, I think). Meditation is proven to decrease stress, increase resilience, and cultivate self-awareness. So you should do it.

4. St. Olaf Swing Club

On Tuesdays, 9-11 PM, DANCE. The Swing Club welcomes newcomers and veterans to their weekly lessons and free dance. They host many dances each year, and you can show off your moves at the jazz nights in the Pause. Once a week you can go move around and pretend you aren’t actually stressed AF. Try it. Talk to Serena Calcagno (calcagno@stolaf.edu) if you’re excited about this.

5.   Feminists for Change

Do you believe in gender equality? Do you want to help stop the oppression of women? Then believe it or not, you are a feminist. FFC offers a place to learn, explore, and advocate the many aspects of feminism. Meetings are Tuesdays at 8PM, and the group leaders also send out awesome emails each week with relevant examples and teachings of today’s feminism. Contact Katie Jeddeloh (jeddel1@stolaf.edu) or Sydney Wipperfurth (wipperfu@stolaf.edu) if you’re keen!

If none of these sound amazing, check out this helpful categorized list of the hundreds of campus organizations. Hope this inspired you to get out there and become even more overcommitted than before!

P.S. email me, Juliann Perala (perala@stolaf.edu) if you want to join the AMAZING Her Campus team. :-)


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