Campus Celebrity Special: Meet Your Her Campus St. Olaf Staff!

It’s bittersweet to be writing my last Campus Celebrity column for Her Campus this year. It’s so crazy how time flies! For our last issue until September, I thought it entirely appropriate to highlight the dedicated staff that has been faithfully putting together Her Campus St. Olaf week after week, and, naturally, I had a blast getting to know them a little tiny bit better after working on this column – Jessica 

Meet: Bri Wilson
Campus Correspondent

Bri Wilson ‘13 is a psychology major from Middleton, Wisconsin, who also has concentrations in women's and media studies. She holds the esteemed role of Campus Correspondent, along with Lucy Casale, which basically means she’s in charge of putting Her Campus St. Olaf together each Sunday night. The two of them started the St. Olaf branch after being A&E editors together for the Manitou Messenger their sophomore year.

But she also has to write fun, interesting stories, like this one about the “Call Me Maybe” sensation on the Internet (“I had the song stuck in my head for days!” she says) and this one about STO Talks. “I love getting the writer’s high: an insatiable need to write,” she says. “During the intermission of STO Talks, I was incredibly inspired to write the article. I also really wanted to commend those who organized it on what a phenomenal job they did.”

Her favorite part of being an Ole is smelling the Malt-O-Meal plant, and she really enjoys being underneath the windmill. Also, she really hates odd numbers. She offers this quote in inspiration to fellow Oles, originally from theologian and writer Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Meet: Lucy Casale
Campus Correspondent

Lucy Casale ‘13 is a English major with concentrations in media and women’s studies, who hails from Florence, Massachusetts. She (along with Bri Wilson) is a Her Campus St. Olaf Campus Correspondent, which means she’s in charge of putting the finishing touches on each of the Her Campus St. Olaf stories each week.

She also writes “The Beauty Beat,” which will come in especially handy when she interns for the beauty and health department of Marie Claire magazine this summer. “I’ve never written about beauty before,” says Lucy, “so starting ‘The Beauty Beat’ has been a great way to prepare for my internship.” Her favorite article she wrote this Spring is about cleaning out your make-up bag. “Who knew that the smell of your makeup can be a tip-off on its age?” she says.

Lucy’s favorite part of being an Ole is the network it provides. “I love having so many alumni in the ‘real world’ that are willing to help,” she says. “You never know where you’ll meet a former Ole! I’m also just starting to appreciate how helpful our alumni can be when you’re looking for a job or internship.” She will also always have a soft spot in her heart for Boe Chapel. “The stained glass windows are gorgeous,” she says. “I like to slip into one of the back pews on a stressful day to rest.”

A lot of people may not realize that Lucy writes a daily to-do list for herself, and has done so since middle school! “Things that don’t get done that day are moved to my next day’s list,” she explains. “I also have larger to-do lists that extend into next year and even into the next five years. Seriously, if I didn’t want to be a journalist, I would probably become an event planner.”

Her advice to fellow Oles is simple: “Take time to relax. Whether it’s watching a favorite TV show or going for a walk (or checking out Her Campus St. Olaf!), don’t let yourself work work work 24/7. I need to remember this too!”

Meet: Isabelle Wattenberg
Events Editor
Isabelle Wattenberg ‘12 hails from Crestwood, Kentucky, and is pursuing English and Russian area studies majors, with a concentration in media studies. Isabelle is our Events Editor, a job she took up because, “I wanted to make sure Collegiettes knew about the less-often publicized events on campus.” Plus, she says she’s gained lots of skills in composing engaging, accurate pieces of writing and loves working with the Her Campus staff!

Her favorite things about Olaf include the windmill and her teachers. “I love all my teachers,” she says. “Interactions with them both inside and outside the classroom have been my most meaningful moments on the Hill.” She also greatly appreciates Regents Hall. “Even though I’m not science-y, I just love walking through the halls past all the mysterious lab equipment.”

A lot of people don’t realize that Isabelle happens to be a twin. “My sister goes to Centre College in Kentucky,” she says. “She’s also an English major. I also lived in Australia for six and a half years. And I can clap extremely loud!”

Meet: Laura Erhart
Campus Cutie Columnist

Laura Erhart ‘13 is our resident Campus Cutie writer. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is double majoring in English and Psychology. When asked why she loves writing about the cuties on campus, she says, “I love meeting new people! It’s fun to get nominations of people who are complete strangers!” (Yes, this is a shameless plug. We love it when you nominate people for our columns!). Laura has been writing for Her Campus St. Olaf since her sophomore year when it was first introduced to the Hill. “I thought - and still think - that it’s a great way for young women to write about different topics relevant to college-aged people!” she says.

Her favorite interview this year was with her roommate, Lindsay Full. “I was in a pinch because the person I was supposed to be interviewing backed out at the last minute, and she stepped in, thankfully,” Laura explains. “However, she gave a great interview and it was fun to learn more about her!”

Her favorite part about being an Ole is the late night breakfasts and the smell of chocolate chip cookies. “I also like that Oles are really passionate about life and are committed to whatever it is they believe in,” she says. “And it may sound weird, but I love walking by Boe chapel at night when the organ majors are practicing. I feel like I am in an old horror movie - it’s great!”

All in all, Laura simply enjoys laughing and being silly. She is especially adept at rolling her stomach muscles like a belly dancer. Her advice to Oles? “Participate in shenanigans and tomfoolery. Seriously. I mean, don’t be stupid and hurt yourself or others, but have some fun! That’s part of college life!”

Meet: Katie Sieger
Fashion Columnist

Katie Sieger ‘14 hails from Duluth, Minnesota, and is an English major with concentrations in media and Middle East studies. She’s a fierce fashionista, and currently writes our StO-Style blog. “I have always loved fashion,” she says. “It gets knocked for being indulgent and self-centered, but it’s a really fun way of expressing yourself. I also love to write, and so this opportunity to fuse my two interests was irresistible.”

And she’s fused them so well! Check out her first article (also her favorite!) about styling that Ole essential: the Norwegian sweater. “I wrote it right before Christmas Fest and it got a great response from friends and family,” she says. “I was able to combine St. Olaf tradition with fashion, and by doing so started off StO-Style with a bang! It’s also my favorite article simply because it makes reminds of the fact that went for it and finally emailed Lucy and Bri about writing for Her Campus. Taking risks is a good thing!”

Katie was inspired to write this email after a fateful run-in with Lucy and Bri on one very normal day. “They probably don’t remember this,” says Katie, “but I was sitting in the Lair and they came up to me with cupcakes that they were giving away and told me that I should check out Her Campus St. Olaf.” Katie’s goal has always been to work at a magazine like Allure or Vogue, so writing for Her Campus has been a great opportunity to build up a portfolio while having fun!

Her favorite part of being an Ole? “The community, hands down,” she says. “Sometimes St. Olaf can feel like a very small bubble, but I am always thankful that I chose St. Olaf over a larger state school because of closely knit everyone is.” She’s very partial to the natural lands, and highly recommends a great stress-relieving run or walk out there with friends.

A lot people don’t know this, but Katie has played the harp for ten years, and can touch her nose with her tongue. Her advice to Oles echoes back to her own experiences: “Take those risks. Those healthy risks that push you outside your comfort zone and cause you to grow as a person. Whether it’s the decision to wear stripes with floral print or the decision to study abroad [Katie’s going on Term In the Middle East next fall], take one risk every day. You’ll end up finding out things about yourself you never knew before.”

Meet: Anne Elish
Fitness Columnist

Anne Elish ‘13 is a theater and political science double major from Presque Isle, Maine. She writes our Fram Fram to Fitness blog and says she “loves learning how to become a healthier person, both physically and mentally!”

Her favorite article from this past year was an interview with her friend Katrina. “I just learned so much from her,” Anne says. Anne started writing the column because she was so inspired by the previous blogger.

Her favorite part of being an Ole is the amazing friends and professors that she has met over the years, and says that - hands down - the theater building is the best place to be. She also loves kids: “When I was in middle and high school, babysitting was basically one of my biggest hobbies.” Her advice for Oles is simple and sweet: “Totally believe in yourself!”

Meet: Hannah Friesen
Sex Columnist

Hanna Friesen ‘13 is a biology and psychology double major and is the notorious secret blogger behind the Her Campus St. Olaf sex column: “Mmm Ya Ya.” “I was drawn to this topic because I wanted to act as a friendly voice of empowerment to women on this campus in their romantic and sexual decisions,” she says. “Previously, I had often been worried to talk about sex and related topics with people on campus, even friends, because I was worried about being judged; I wanted others in the same situation to know they are not alone, and that they shouldn’t be ashamed of their sex lives.”

Her favorite article from this past year is about the differences between European and US perceptions of sex. “It allowed me to explore my own feelings on the issue of casual sex,” she says. “Though I still am not entirely sure where I stand, it was nice to have that opportunity.” These opportunities to write about interesting topics was what drew her to Her Campus in the first place. “It seemed like a great, fun way to connect with the women of the St. Olaf campus,” she says. “After spending my interim interning with Planned Parenthood, I was definitely getting to a place where I was more comfortable with myself and my sexuality. After receiving an email saying Her Campus St. Olaf was looking for a new sex blogger, I knew I had found the perfect way to get involved.”

Hannah’s favorite part of being an Ole is being surrounded by kind people with similar interests. “The main reason I chose Olaf is because I felt like the people here were the nicest of anywhere else I applied. I have not been disappointed!” Her favorite place on the Hill changes with the season, but right now she’s partial to the Ytterboe lawn where she can read and watch people play volleyball.

Many people may not know that she has a tattoo of two monarch butterflies on her side. “It reminds me to live my life with strength, serenity, and grace,” she says. This motto also seems to relate to her advice to Oles: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Always remember to be safe. And when it doubt, wear the cute underwear.”

Meet: Jessica Moes
Campus Celebrity Columnist

I’ve always been very interested in stories. Growing up, I lived on a farm in the country, with no access to cable or cool toys (this haunts me now, of course, when I take the “Are You A True Child of the 90’s?” quizzes on the Internet and fail miserably), and so I passed time by creating fantastic worlds out in the woods with my little sister. Today, I’m an English major, with concentrations in media and Middle East studies, and I’ve learned to find inspiration in the real world around me. Every single person has an interesting story to tell, and my goal in life is to help these stories be told. Writing for Her Campus and getting to do just that was, quite frankly, a dream come true. I’ve gotten to meet some really interesting people, from Olaf legends to everyday friendly faces.

Perhaps most inspiring are the people that are already set on changing the world, and, more importantly, doing it. I think that’s my favorite part about being an Ole. People here are not afraid to take action, and, by default, I feel left behind if I don’t step up my game and do the same. It’s great motivation! Simply having conversations with these people is enough to get me going.

I hope my own story will one day be worth publishing, or, at the very least, be worth telling around a bonfire under the stars. So far it’s a bit of a hodge podge... There are strong memories of singing and dancing under shining lights, dressed in the silliest costumes, as well as memories of chasing pigs and horses around the county fair at three in the morning. Somewhere in my story is a lot of hair dye and and a strong desire to learn to play the harmonica, which I’m actively pursuing these days. No matter what I end up deciding is important down the road, however, I know the one thing that will matter is the places I go and the people I meet. Right now I’m very content getting to know my fellow Oles.