Why Girls' Nights Are So Important

So apparently “Saturdays are for the boys,” but what happened to days for the girls? It is easy to get wrapped up in the demands of daily collegiate life, but time spent with just your girls is crucial! Why?

  1. You can surround yourself with a support system that can help you with whatever problems or insecurities that you are dealing with.

  2. You can strengthen that support system by spending quality time together without the distraction of digital media and other societal distractions, and be present with one another. Social media has its strengths and its weaknesses, but regarding friendship, face-to-face interaction is really important. Next time you have a girl’s night, try to turn your phone off and truly live in the moment; your friends will appreciate it! There is nothing better than feeling like a friend is fully listening to you.

  3. You can empower yourself and one another through encouragement.

  4. Your girls keep you grounded, and they remind you that they love you for who you are.

  5. Weekly dance parties are essential (that’s no secret!).

So regardless of the day of the week, I encourage you to have “a day (or night) for the girls."



Photos: Tenor, Sarcasm.com