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Being a Greek student in the United States, I always get questions such as: How is it back home? Is it really as beautiful as in the media? Do you have good weather all year round? Which places should I visit this summer? If you ever had any of these questions above or you just want to learn more about Greece, grab some coffee and enjoy the article.


Quick facts:

  1. Greece’s weather is Mediterranean, thus it has mild and rainy winters, and hot and sunny summers. So, basically yes the weather is pretty good throughout the year, which encourages lots of outdoor activities. Obviously during the summer, that includes sunbathing, water sports and swimming all day long (what else can you ask for?).

  2. There are many historical museums since Ancient Greece’s history is very interesting and appealing to tourists from all around the world.

  3. You can find a plethora of bars, restaurants and places to go during the night, especially in downtown Athens or Thessaloniki (the capital and the second biggest city).

  4. The most famous islands are Mykonos and Santorini and they are well known for their nightlife (see pics with white houses/ buildings).


No matter if you like beaches or if you want to go to a mountain, Greece can be the right place for your vacation as it has many tourist- friendly destinations and beautiful sceneries to explore. Not to mention the sun is shining the majority of the time and the Greek food is simply delicious (yummm)! The mediterranean diet is filled with olive oil, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, meat, fish and more. Wherever you go, don’t forget to take pictures and enjoy the trip :)


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