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I don’t remember exactly what spurred my desire to travel to Italy. It might have been a book, a movie, or something else entirely, but my grandmother and I made a vow that we would one day travel to the country. Then, on Christmas of 2017, that dream became a reality, as my grandmother surprised me with tickets for April of 2018.

Italy was so beautiful, the weather humid-free and the temperature never getting below 60 degrees or above 80 degrees. Our group hit the ground running, hopping from location to location. We did so much in a week and a half, but yet so little. The Vatican was breathtaking, its high arches, beautiful artwork and countless artifacts boggling my mind. The Sistine Chapel was a sight to behold, as the entire ceiling and walls were painted with such intricate detail that I could see the mines of God’s muscles in his arm that was reaching towards Adam while standing on the floor. The sizes of the Colosseum and the Duomo were put into perspective when we stood outside, feeling like ants next to the massive marble buildings. In all, our group was able to visit Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri, Florence, and Venice. Even though all the cities were amazing and full of sights, my favorite was Florence. The city of artisans was much more open than the crowded streets of Rome and was calmer than the other places we went to. The Trevi Fountain was also a favorite of mine, as I was able to visit it both at night when the lights were on, and during the day. Plus, they had probably one of the best gelato shops in the country (I visited it at least three times while we stayed in Florence). 

Even though we were able to visit so many places, I feel as though I barely scratched the surface of the history and culture that the country had to offer. It just so happened too, that during our trip, Rome was celebrating its 2,779th birthday. The city was alight with life and celebration, the ruins covered in lights and parties in the streets. The past is a part of Italy, as there are ancient buildings that are standing right next to modern apartments and stores. And the citizens respect that past too. Angelica said that whenever a new development is started and evidence of ruins are found, they try to preserve as much as they can before moving forward with the new building. 

In the future, I will definitely be taking another trip to Italy, as there is so much that I was not able to see, and so much that the country and its people have to offer. I highly recommend that if you have the chance to go visit, do it. You won’t be disappointed (and the food is so good). 

Hannah Lobdell

St Law U '22

I love attending St. Lawrence University! I am interested in reading, movies, video games, and music. I also LOVE to watch and play ice hockey. I also play rugby!
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