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Titus only comes once a year. Along with Titus comes the opportunity to try out fun hairstyles. Titus is an event at St. Lawrence when the Outing Club rents part of Titus Mountain out for students to ski, watch live music, eat some ski lodge food, and more! everyone puts on their best 80s ski look and heads to the mountain.

When coming up with a good hairstyle for Titus, you have to go all out. This year everyone pulled out all the tops. I saw everything from mullets to blue hair. Here are my top three favorite recommendations for hairstyles:


Whether you are french braiding your whole head or simply braiding one strand of hair, braids are a must. Braids will add the perfect amount of spunk to your 80s ski gear. Plus, if you decide to ski, your hair will be slope-ready!


Not only are hats practical for the weather, but they can be the center of your whole outfit. A neon hat goes a long way with the 80s theme of Titus. An alternative to a neon hat is colored hair spray.


This is the most spunky of the three. You can’t go wrong with buns on either side of your head. Not only are buns classic but they are the perfect option for those who don’t know how to braid. My personal favorite way to wear buns is half up and half down.

Let us know what kind of hairstyle you plan on sporting next year!

I am a sophomore from Massachusetts majoring in Communications
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