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Three Ways to Keep This Year’s Memories

Throughout the entirety of this year, your camera roll has probably accumulated hundreds of pictures from friends at SLU to family over vacation, but now what should you do with them all?

If you’re looking for a finals study break, take a minute to go through parts of your camera roll and favorite the pictures that make you smile, laugh, and appreciate this past year. Here are three ways to remember your favorite moments:


  1. Print out the pictures that make you smile but you don’t mind other people seeing. Printing out pictures in  hard copy is a great way to hold onto memories, and you’ll likely come across the photos later in life when going through your college belongings. Whether you put the pictures into a photo album, or keep a paper clip around some in your bedside table, printed pictures are a great way to hold onto certain memories and moments.

  2. Create a shared album with your friends. You can do this through your camera roll on any iphone. This is one way to keep all the pictures from specific weekends, events, or even semesters in one place. Through a shared album you can also see the pictures from your friends phones, and its a private album, so you can include the pictures that make you laugh but maybe don’t want printed out.

  3. Print pictures and frame them as good-bye presents for your friends. This is one way to give a sentimental but also low cost gift to your close friends. One way to make the gift slightly more personal is to write on the back of the printed picture or picture frame. Whether it’s something to make your friend laugh or make them appreciate the memory, it will surely mean a lot and be a keepsake from this year.


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