Three Steps to Staying Warm With Layers This Winter

With that busy class schedule and social life, it is already hard enough to find that one top you really wanted to wear. Now with winter coming, all those thin fall clothes won’t be able to keep you warm with these below freezing temperatures. Here are a couple of tips on how to layer, use clothes you already have and look cute this season!

Add a button down blouse underneath your thick sweater or cardigan - Some girls really love looking preppy. In order to keep warm, add a collared shirt or flannel underneath that sweater to give your look a little contrast. This is one of my favorite style tips for winter. Not only does it keep you a bit warmer but if you wear darker colors and add a light button down it brightens up your darker outfit. Hint: add a couple of bracelets and a watch if you are wearing neutral colors to give it a little pop.

Leg warmers! (They are making a comeback) - Put on leg warmers and then your tall boots! This keeps your calves warm and adds that bright color pop against your dark leggings. Try to draw attention to them by wearing a darker outfit but colored leg warmers.

Don’t forget the overcoat and pom hat over your layered outfit - The more the merrier. After you add a blouse and sweater, add a stylish overcoat of a different shade. The colors should compliment each other. In addition, pom hats come in multiple different colors, and keep your ears warm during those frigid days. Play around with different shades!

(Photos: Pinterest)