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Total screen time for all students has skyrocketed through the roof as the era of online learning continues. In this paradox, we look towards elementary students for their hacks to cope with the endless hours of screen time. The following are the top five pieces of advice that elementary school teachers have for grappling with online classes.

  1. Get a fidget toy!!! Go dig up your fidget spinner from middle school and have it handy when you start to get antsy on your next Zoom. Some easy alternatives are Play Dough, putty erasers, and magnet balls if you can't find that. A fidget toy can help you stay awake in the early morning Zooms or stay focused during your third class of the day. 

  2. Don’t spend your break on a screen! Whether you have 10 minutes between Zoom lectures or your professor is nice enough to give you a five-minute break mid-way through, whatever you do - don’t stay in front of your computer. Go outside, take a walk, do some yoga stretches, make some food, or talk with your housemate. It’s easy to get caught up in technology, but those few minutes without it will do more good than you realize. 

  3. Make a fun meal for lunch! Food is love, and by making yourself lunch, you'll have something to look forward to. Whether it's a new vegan recipe or some comfort fried chicken, it’s going to make your lunchtime that much more enjoyable. Even if it’s leftovers from the night before, if it’s something that you love, that’s all that matters!

  4. Create your own workstation. Regardless of being able to have an isolated area, create a workspace with intention. That’s right, get up and out of bed for class. Clean up your desk and make a place dedicated to schoolwork; this can help your brain compartmentalize when it’s time to focus. 

  5. Keep the camera on! Just like staying in your bed, it can be easier to keep the camera off, but I promise it will help you be more engaged in the lecture. It can also help hold you accountable for creating a workspace that’s conducive to learning. 

Remember, we’re all in this together, from teachers to professors and kindergartners learning to read to college students writing their senior thesis. As we all learn more and more, patience is critical, we can get through this, but we need to stick together. 


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Natalie Piper

St Law U '22

Hi my name is Nat and I’m on track to graduating in May 2022 with a B.A. in Global Studies and a minor in Educational Studies. I am a captain on the varsity volleyball team at St. Lawrence and love to stay active. I was born and raised in Hawai’i and because of implementation of the third semester option at St. Lawrence I’m home working as a full time teacher. While I do enjoy working with kids I’m hoping to pursue a career in Education Policy to help make an impact on a larger scale.
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