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St. Law U Sunday: Meet Sydney Giacin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Law U chapter.

Name: Sydney (Syd) Giacin  [Our Marketing & Publicity Director!]


Year: 2021 (SENIOR)


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri


Majors/Minors/Fields of Interest? Why?:

Business Econ but I have an interest in Sports Marketing and Corporate Partnerships! I’m a big sports fan but love the business side of things.


Horoscope Sign:

Aquarius babyyyy


Favorite Television Show (and why?):

Honestly, Friends. It’s fun and funny and comforting and I LOVE New York City.


What sports team(s) do you cheer for? Why?:

St. Louis Blues (!!!), St. Louis Cardinals, and the Kansas City Chiefs! Those are my hometown teams and I love supporting them.


What is your dream job? Why?:

I want to do corporate partnerships in the NHL. Hockey has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember and I love marketing ideas and creating things so I think a job in sports while still working and being in business would be fun.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?:

Italy! My family is Italian and I would love to see the towns where my family came from.


What social movement(s) are you most passionate about, and why?:

On Her Turf is a campaign started by Nike that highlights outstanding female athletes. Female athletes get downplayed a lot and don’t get as much recognition for their hard work as male athletes so this really helps bring awareness to their hard work.


Why did you choose to attend St. Lawrence?:

I wanted to play field hockey in college since I became a goalie and SLU needed one so that was helpful, but my dad also played hockey here in the 90s and loved it so I always knew I would look here. When I visited though it really sealed the deal. SLU felt like home!


Favorite On-Campus Meal? Why?:

The chicken pesto wrap at the pub is SO good omg


Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant/Eatery? Why?:

Tbh 1844. I love nice food lol and they have really good stuff there.


What is on your must-have college packing list as a Laurentian/as a St. Lawrence student? Why?:

So this is small but ever since I was a baby I have always had a SLU hockey flag in my bedroom (I think my dad’s friend gave them to him when we were born) so I’ve always brought that with me. That and a dream catcher from my mom have always been in my room.


Where is your favorite place to study on campus? Why?:

The conference room downstairs in ODY. I like being in the library but I like having a secluded room where I can play music out loud for background noise and have a big table to really set up camp and get my work done.


What is on your St. Lawrence bucket list (to-do before you graduate)? Why/who gave you this idea?:

I’m just excited for senior week and the last night where we stay up all night together and watch the sunrise before graduation. That’s gonna be awesome.


Why did you join Her Campus at St. Law U? What are you looking forward to with HC St. Law U?:

I always say the posts online and LOVED them and one day I thought I really wanted to be apart of it so I reached out and joined! I recently became head of marketing and publicity so I’m excited to see where we can go with that opportunity!


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?:

I love to play field hockey and golf, but besides that, I love jamming to music, painting, singing (really poorly) and playing guitar, and watching stl sports! (HERE WE GO SAINTS!)


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Allison ("Allie") Attarian studied Psychology and Communications at St. Lawrence University where she was a Campus Correspondent for HC St. Law U. Allie was also a Campus Community Management Intern for the Community Team at Her Campus Media. Her combined passion for creativity, reading, and writing sparked her interest in joining Her Campus. She loves traveling, listening to music, creating visual art, and spending time with friends. Check out her personal blog here.