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Spring Break Packing Essentials

Spring Break starts at the end of this week, and sometimes it can get overwhelming deciding what to pack while still trying to get all of your last minute schoolwork done. Hopefully, many of you are getting out of the cold and going somewhere beachy to relax for a week before school starts back up again. So here are some Spring Break essentials we thought would be useful to think about if you are still struggling with what to pack for your vacation:


  1. Sunscreen — an obvious must, as you have not been exposed to the sun for a while and you most likely will burn if we don’t protect our sensitive skin.  


  1. Aloe — even though you will try to prevent a burn, it is likely to happen anyway and aloe is a must in order to soothe those painful burns.  

  2. Water bottle — spending hours in the sun can often leave us severely dehydrated, so bring a water bottle with you and keep on drinking. Remember: hydration is key!  


  1. Bathing suits/coverups/flip flops — duh if you want to enjoy the beach and the water  


  1. Sunglasses/hat — protecting your skin and eyes from the harsh sun is essential to preserve your skin later in life  


  1. Dry shampoo/travel size shampoo + conditioner — dry shampoo is necessary for cleaning up after the beach when you don’t have time or don’t want to wash your hair.  I like to bring travel size shampoo and conditioner with me everywhere I travel because you don’t know if you will like the things supplied from hotels, it’s just a safe bet.

  2. A few tops/shorts and dresses — you only need a few tops and shorts to mix and match since you won’t be wearing them the entire day anyway. Maybe bring a few dresses for dinner or for exploring the place that you’re vacationing at  


  1. Nicer wedges or sandals and some cute sneakers — wedges and sandals for dinner and cute sneakers to walk around while exploring

9.  A good book — for relaxing on the beach or at night after all of the excitement from the day



Megan is a Senior at St. Lawrence University, Majoring in Biology and Double Minoring in Communications and Sports Studies. Megan enjoys working out, fashion and watching videos on YouTube. Her celeb role model is Jessie James Decker. Outside of school, Megan loves hanging out with her friends, going to the beach, hiking and traveling with her family.
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