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Spotify Playlists for Every Situation

If you’re looking for a new playlist to play in a given situation, check out these recommendations!

“Rise” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: Mornings when you need to feel surrounded by Anthropologie candles, sunshine, pressed orange juice from the tree outside your terrace overlooking a sandy beach sunrise, and fresh waffles but only have a speaker…

“Dance Pop” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: The party is happening in your zone and there is a need for a montage of bops that will keep energy high and tensions low…

“Mint India” Playlist by Spotify
friends road trip california fall break windows down music
Molly Peach / Her Campus

Situation: Your one-and-done driving playlist as you wind through the Adirondacks and your heart needs subtle energy that calms and moves with the beat…

“Cardio” Playlist by Spotify
Tennis Shoes And Water Bottle
Her Campus Media

Situation: Treadmill. If you must. You need zone-out-keep-moving beats…

“Happy Hits” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: Whether you’re walking across campus, doing the dishes, or undertaking a massive room remodeling…

“Chill Hits” Playlist by Spotify
Celina Timmerman-Oversized Tshirt And Cup
Celina Timmerman / Her Campus

Situation: Imagine driving up to the ski hill, car packed, stomach warm with hot cocoa and the snow is falling just perfectly outside…

“Perfect Concentration” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: Late night in the lib and you still have a pile of articles or math equations to crank through and if one more person breaks your concentration bubble, you’re ordering Thai (playlist not recommended after midnight) …

“Reading Chill Out” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: you’re an English major and you have to read 150 pages of The Thebaid and write a twelve-page paper before noon the next day…

“Your Favorite Coffeehouse” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: In art class, everyone has their own vibe when creating masterpieces. Luckily, this playlist holds the power of calming and inspiring the entire spectrum of artists…

“Roots Rising” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: On flights, you want to have a playlist that lets you gaze out the window and trace the tops of the clouds, lull you to sleep, help you solve sudoku puzzles, and keep your mind in a calm and peaceful state…

“Beast Mode” Playlist by Spotify

Situation: It’s a lift day: squats, deadlifts, box jumps, bench. You’re going to need hype, and mindless electronics…

“The Wine Down by Wine Dialogues” Podcast on Spotify
Vineyard Grapes
Alexandra R / Spoon

Situation: Before you go to Italy, Spain, and France with their rolling vineyards and infinite wine lists…

Grab your music device, download Spotify and enjoy these playlists!

*Disclaimer: This post is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with Spotify or artists featured on the playlists listed above.

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