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Small Businesses To Support This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for all the Holiday shopping you can handle. Whether you’re celebrating like normal this season, celebrating on your own, or something in between, here are some small businesses to support!


1. Back Beat Co.

Black Beat is a sustainable clothing brand that sells almost every clothing item you can imagine. Their pieces have a laid back vibe that reminds me of Urban Outfitters and Roxy, and amazing basics that remind me of Everlane. Simple basics with cool details that will stand out. They pride themselves on being completely ethically made with high standards of working conditions, along with using fabrics that are either recycled or sustainably farmed. Their clothes are a little on the pricier side because of these things, but it’s a company worth supporting!!



If you’re looking for a trendy small business, you can almost never go wrong with Etsy. This shop is based in Canada and has beautiful jewelry. They have tons of classic chain necklaces, rings, and earrings. They also specialize in customizable jewelry, which makes for the perfect heartfelt gift. They have tons of both silver and gold pieces, so be sure to check them out!


3. Ivy’s Tea Co.

Ivy’s Tea Co. is an adorable, Black-owned, holistic health brand centered around tea and honey that will nourish your body. It was started by a herbalist named Shanae, whose goal is to live off the land, use the land for healing, and introduce the holistic health industry to African holistic health remedies. The tea and honey from Ivy’s Tea Co. are the perfect gifts for the tea-lover in your life this season.


4. Zeppelin Moon

Another adorable Etsy shop! One of my favorites is Zeppelin Moon—a small, London-based company run by one woman. She makes amazing, hilarious, and super sweet art, calendars, and greeting cards. I first came across Zeppelin Moon on Instagram and instantly fell in love. There is something for everyone in her shop.


5. Nat and Nor:

Nat and Nor is another small business I first discovered on Instagram. This is a jewelry company that uses renewable resources and they are very conscious about the waste they produce, and always trying to lower their environmental impact. They have the cutest accessories—adorable hair clips and beautiful earrings (lots of hoops in every size!!). 


6. ArtLifting

ArtLifting was created by a woman, Liz Powers, who, while working as a social worker in art groups in Boston, realized the amazing caliber and artistic ability of the people she was working with. She started ArtLifting to empower and create opportunities for artists living in shelters and disability centers. The artwork is amazing, and while the cost can be on the pricier side for a college-aged shopper, it’s a perfect gift to go in on with a friend or family member. Additionally, 55% of the money goes directly to the artist, allowing them to secure their own income and further their artistic careers. 


7. Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is the perfect place to shop for all things stationery, home decor, planners, and accessories! They have the most adorable things and a “gift guide” tab on their website that is perfect for the holiday season. Their stuff is affordable, unique, and useful.


8. Dana Weaves

This business sells the most beautiful, handwoven wall hangings. The neutral colors she uses can go with any style, and you can simply comment on her Instagram posts if you are interested in any of her pieces! Additionally, you can DM her if you want a custom order. Totally worth checking out this amazing, unique decor! 


9. by bay jewelry

This company handcrafts the most gorgeous earrings! They have polymer clay earrings, which are very popular right now, along with many other styles of hoops and brass earrings. All of the pieces at by bay are beautiful, you’ll be sure to find something for all earring-lovers here! 


Supporting small businesses, especially this year, is so important. Purchases from small businesses can make a larger, positive impact on the people you’re buying from, along with a smaller negative impact on the planet. Small businesses are almost always more ethical, environmentally responsible, and careful with the pieces you purchase! Happy shopping!


Hi! My name is Katherine Sheehy and I am a sophomore at SLU from Newburyport, Massachusetts. I adore granola, hiking, grammar, the ocean, tofu, and podcasts :)
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