SLU Bookstore Must Haves

Every day, students enter the Brewer Bookstore to spend their money (or parent’s money...hint hint) on the various amounts of merchandise this shop has to offer. While most of us would take home the entire store if we could, most of us are on a college student’s budget and it is hard to choose what to get. You’re in luck, because I have been working at the Brewer Bookstore since my freshman year. Here is a little insider view of ten different Brewer Bookstore must haves!


SLU Cups and Water Bottles: The bookstore has everything you need to hold a drink! Ranging from shot glasses to name brand water bottles, this store has all you need to fill up your cup. Hint: Many students have these water bottles so I put a monogram decal on a water bottle so I could tell which ones mine.


St. Lawrence Hats: Let’s face it, were all college students and sometimes we roll out of bed at 8:40 for our 8:50 class. With that kind of time frame, I certainly do not have time to do my hair in the morning. The bookstore offers a wide range of hats. Some of them even have an athletic sport on them. With these St. Lawrence Hats you can hide your bad hair day or even wear them to show your school spirit at athletic games!


Dog accessories: Don’t forget about a man’s best friend! The bookstore offers St. Lawrence dog collars and leashes with different color trimming on the sides. During the fall, I always see so many dogs walking around campus, these are a great way to spoil a pup and they make great gifts for the owners!


Tapestries: Not sure how to decorate your dorm room? The bookstore offers many colorful tapestries for you to choose from. Some are decorated with paisley patterns while others display an Aztec print. Just don’t forget to take them down for fire inspections.


Name Brand Must Haves: I know that i always get a Lilly Pulitzer Planner before every school year. Lucky for you, the bookstore offers many name brand merchandise such as Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, Corkcicle, and more. These items are durable and beneficial because you can use them everyday.


Yankee and Woodwick Candles: Do you ever walk past one room in a dorm and it smells so great? That’s because they probably have one of the many scented candles found right here in the Brewer Bookstore! They even offer Woodwick candles which crackle while they burn. Don’t forget to be careful with the flames.


Caribou Coffee Cafe: While the pub has adequate coffee, it is nothing like the cafe located right in the bookstore! The cafe offers both food and drinks. There are so many different drinks you could get like a fresh dark roast coffee, tea, mocha, caramel high rise, or a latte! It is sure to give you a little treat in the morning to start your day of right!

(Photos by Celia Diller)