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I believe that I have officially perfected my shower routine, accompanied by my favorite and most effective cleansing essentials. I am always in the market for new products from different brands and love trying them out to find the best of the best. Currently, I use what I consider to be my holy grail products that I have a tough time straying away from. They are just too good!

Shampoo & Conditioner

It is not great for your hair to stick to one shampoo and conditioner for too long, so I try and switch it up every so often. I have gathered some of my favorite brands and scents that will do wonders for your hair if you chose to purchase them. My current favorite is Dove’s daily moisture shampoo and conditioner combo targeted for people who tend to get dry hair, like me. Dove products not only smell amazing, but also ensure soft, voluminous, silky hair that does not require any heat after use. If you struggle with dry hair as well, another great option is Head and Shoulders green apple shampoo. Trust me when I say your hair will never smell better and your scalp will immediately be eliminated of any dandruff, which is common to accumulate in the dry winter months. Herbal Essences “Body Envy” matching shampoo and conditioner is another notable mention. I tend to gravitate towards hair products that suggest body since I like to enhance my hair’s natural volume. Although I have heard mixed reviews about if this brand is actually good for your hair or not, I can’t resist their product’s delicious scents.

Body Wash

I have narrowed down my favorite body washes to just two, even though it was very tough for me chose! My first pick, which I have been loyal to for an uncountable number of years, is St Ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash. This product smells amazing and leaves your body feeling smooth and spotless. It is also super cheap and available just about everywhere so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a must! This next find smells better than any shower product I have ever used before. It has now become my favorite part of my cleansing routine! Method’s “Simply Nourish” body wash in their coconut, rice milk, shea butter scent is a must have. I make everyone smell this product and they are all floored after giving it just one whiff. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean and soft as a baby. This body wash is a little bit tougher to find at your local pharmacy, but I think overtime it will become more available.  

Shaving Needs

In my opinion, I have finally discovered the perfect razors. I continuously dare people to feel how smooth and soft my legs are after shaving. Everyone is always amazed! I have Schick Quattro YOU disposable razors to thank for these reactions. I do not see myself going back to any other razor brand ever again. They are unbeatable. I like pairing these razors with Skintimate’s shave gel specialized specifically for skin therapy. You will never feel softer!

Charlotte Barry

St Law U '21

Hi! My name is Charlotte Barry and I am a member of the SLU Her Campus chapter!