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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Law U chapter.

College is a time to go out with your friends, be social, and meet new people. However, we all have those nights where we just feel like staying in with our gal pals. So, for all you girls looking to have a relaxing night in, here’s our ultimate guide to a girls night in at SLU.

Step 1: Round up a squad.


Step 2: Head over to the Pub to pick up your favorite snacks. We always go for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, chips and salsa, and/or a quesadilla.



Step 3: Pajama time! Go back to your dorm and slip into something a little more comfortable…and by that we mean sweatpants or your cutest pair of flannels.

Step 4: Time to put on a throwback playlist and jam out to your favorite songs from middle school. Hannah Montana, anyone?


Step 5: Have everyone bring their comforters and pillows into one room, turn on the Christmas lights, and snuggle up.

Step 6: Time to pamper yourself with facemasks and manicures! You can order your favorites online from Sephora ahead of time, or just pop over to Walmart in last-minute preparation for your night in. Right now we’re loving sheet masks or anything ultra hydrating.


Step 7: While your nails dry and your facemasks set, break into your snacks and turn on Netflix. You can stick to a classic like Gossip Girl, or try something new like Stranger Things, which we highly recommend.

P.S…if you ate through all of your snacks faster than expected, and you’re still craving something more savory, Sergis always delivers right to your dorm door! Go ahead, treat yourself.


By this point you’re probably ready to fall asleep. Just make sure you’re not the first one to doze off ;)