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Taylor Swift may have released her eighth studio album, “folklore” during the summer of 2020, but there is no question that this indie album will be the staple of everyone’s playlists this upcoming autumn. As the leaves begin to fall, it is time to settle in, throw on a cardigan and prepare yourself for a season of overplaying folklore, and as you get cozy don’t forget to order the perfect Starbucks drink to go along with each track. 


the 1 

The first track on this album calls for a drink that will really wake you up, making an iced coffee with an espresso shot the perfect choice. 



Nothing compliments “cardigan” like a big mug of hot chocolate, and maybe even some whip cream. 


the last great American dynasty 

This more upbeat and narrative song would go perfect with a matcha latte! 


exile (feat. Bon Iver) 

This song calls for a coffee that won’t try and compete for your attention as you follow along with the emotion dialogue in this song, making a hot black coffee the perfect drink. 


my tears ricochet 

The smooth background vocals on this track would pair perfectly with a salted caramel frappuccino


mirror ball 

Something about this song just screams “order an iced chai latte and listen to me!” 



The perfect drink to complement the nostalgic vibes of this song is a pumpkin-spiced latte. As Taylor reflects on the past its the perfect opportunity to think back to times of visiting the pumpkin patches with your family. 



Grab an herbal tea and get ready to start reminiscing on your past summer romances (p.s. Make sure you have some tissues on hand, this could get emotional) 


this is me trying

The ninth track on this album calls for a soothing drink. Try out the London fog Latte, the hints of lavender and vanilla will provide a relaxing contrast to the heavy instrumentals in this song. 


illicit affairs 

The complicated and tense relationship described in this song should be paired with a beautifully layered cocoa cloud macchiato. 


invisible strings 

This hopeful love song should only be listened to as you sip on a cold brew topped with an almond milk foam. 


mad woman 

This scathing track calls for a quick espresso shot. This is not a song that you can slowly sip to as you gaze longingly out a window, its the kinda song you plot your revenge too, and that sort of planning calls for an espresso shot (or maybe two). 



This smooth vocals and instrumental on the 13th track call for an equally smooth coffee, the Nitro cold brew is a perfect choice. 



I don’t know if it’s the name betty or the melodrama of the high school gossip painted in this song, but it screams “pink drink.” 



The 15th track is a vulnerable love song that would be paired perfectly with a blonde roast. 



The final song on the album is a balance of delicate vocals and raw emotion that can leave the listener feeling vulnerable, but a classic cappuccino is a perfect cure for the lovesickness that this song can leave you with. 


the lakes – bonus track 

This song paints a picture of lush gardens and sparkling lakes, making a Starbucks refresher the ideal choice to sit and enjoy this fantastic bonus track with. 


So, as you listen to “folklore” on repeat this fall try and make the most of this emotional and sincere album. Turn your study breaks into a treat by turning up “betty” and trying a new type of coffee or wind down after a long week with “hoax” and a large mug of tea, but don’t forget to watch your caffeine intake!




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