Monthly Favorites

The past month, I’ve slowly been adding a few things to my daily routines that I’ve found to be very beneficial! Here are the top five things that I would recommend to try out. Each pertains to a different category, so don’t mind the randomness of it all. 

  1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. This product can be bought for your face or body, but I have recently only been applying it to my face. I use it once a day (generally at night), applying the product to my skin right before putting on my regular face cream. It instantly feels cool and refreshing on your face, and every day I’ve woken up with super soft skin. It keeps my face from becoming dry, which is essential when living in the North Country! It only costs about $10 (depending on where you go), and can be found at your closest drug store, Target, Ulta, and more. Definitely check it out if you’re looking to switch up, or boost your skin routine! 

  1. Wellness Formula Pills. Source Naturals is the brand that makes these, and a bottle of 90 tablets costs about $25. Although this might be a bit pricier, I highly recommend getting some if you’re trying to stay healthy heading into the colder season! I have been so close to becoming really sick, and taking these pills multiple times a day has saved my life. They serve to boost your immune system, aiming to keep your body happy and healthy, and I personally find them to be more effective than Emergen-C. Test them out if you’re feeling that SLU flu surfacing! 

  1. Skimm This podcast. I only recently have started to listen to this podcast, but love it so far nonetheless. The series consists of short 10-15 minute episodes that break down the key stories or events of the day. That way, you’re staying on top of the news and what’s going on around the world, in a short amount of time. The delivery of information is concise and easy to understand, explaining jargon that you might not have known/heard before. I find time to listen walking to and from class, while drinking coffee, cleaning my room, etc. which is super convenient considering us college kids are so busy!  

  1. Schitt’s Creek. This is a TV show that can be accessed on Netflix. The show is about a very wealthy family who is suddenly stripped of all their possessions and money, left to live in a town, named Schitt’s Creek, that the father had originally bought as a joke. Honestly, at first the characters seem like they’d be awfully annoying to listen to and watch, but if you give the show a few minutes (or episodes), I found myself quickly changing my mind, and have loved it ever since. I think the show to be quite funny, and a relatively relaxing show to watch. So… if you’re in need of a study break, snuggle up in bed and give it a try!  

  1. SALES. This is my go-to artist at the moment. I’ve known them for a while now, but only recently started exploring more of their music. In Spotify’s words, the genre of music is categorized as “guitar-based pop”. Generally their songs are a mellow version of this, and I tend to always feel really relaxed by the music. I love listening to it when hanging out in my room, writing creative stories, or driving. It might take you a second to get into, but hopefully you’ll explore the artist and like some of their stuff! I thought I’d mention my favorite songs, in case you wanted some guidance and a starting point.  

Off and On 

Chinese New Year 

Big Sis 

Your Own 

Rainy Day Loop 

Getting It On 


You Look Well 

White Jeans  

A to B 

Moon Dogs