Making Summer 2020 Plans Amidst COVID-19

Have your summer plans been derailed by COVID-19? Are you wondering how to find safe, low-cost options for entertainment, adventure, and travel? There is so much to do that is centered around being home in the New England region.

Here are some ideas to consider:


Day hikes -


Pack some snacks and water and head to the trails. This is the perfect time to visit parks close to home. Download the app “AllTrails” which locates amazing new hiking routes near your zip code or any other location you are in. 


Bike trails -


For a faster pace, take up a ride on one of the CT Rail Trails or RI’s East Bay Bikepath. Both paths are paved and stretch more than 10 miles for a killer ride! 


Camping - 


The best way to embrace summer weather is by spending the night under the stars. Check your nearest state park website to see if they are currently accepting reservations despite COVID-19. Some of my top picks are Emerald Lake in East Dorset, VT, and the North of the Highland Camping Area in Truro, MA. This unique spot allows for your tent to be steps away from the national seashore, a dynamic duo that will make for an unforgettable excursion. 


Outdoor movie nights -


Grab a sleeping bag, popcorn, and watch a movie outdoors. Simple movie projectors start at $99 on Amazon. Check out this link here. You can utilize a flat surface on the back of your house or create your own screen with a PVC pipe and a piece of fabric. The best thing is having friends join for a movie night while you continue to practice social distancing.






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