Less Stress While Getting Dressed

College can be a very stressful period for young women… we have to balance everything! Classes, extracurricular activities, internships, resumes, jobs, social life, S/Os if any, friends and also, take care of ourselves. All of these can be very overwhelming and that’s why sometimes we tend to stop paying so much attention on our appearance and end up going to class with our PJs or without makeup. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. But, if we take some extra time to get ready for the day, our motivation immediately increases and we feel more self-confident to go achieve what we want. Therefore, I encourage you all beautiful people to not just get dressed on weekends, but try to make little changes every day like maybe getting a manicure or doing your hair, wearing these boots that require something else than sweatpants and spray this nice perfume you had forgotten you had. Style varies from person to person and I am not a fan of following fashion, but I am a total believer in sticking with your style as this is what will make you feel comfortable and thus, I would like to remind you that you don’t have to go buy the latest trends or spend a ton of money at hair salons. There are always cheap ways for such things. For example, you can organize a spa night with your girls while sipping at wine and watching a girly movie (i.e girls’ trip) or exchange clothes to mix and match. I am definitely not a style expert, but here are some of my fav statement pieces for fall/winter:

Remember the first day of classes? You were shining, had a great outfit and felt like you owned the school…don’t let that change! You can still take care of yourself by sacrificing a little more time during your morning routine.


(Photos: Pinterest)