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I Got it From my Momma

Moms. Sometimes they nag you, drive you crazy, and once in awhile you can’t stand them– but at the end of the day, they are the ones who brought us into this world. So it’s important that we show them some love.

We love our moms for their Top Chef cooking abilities, their unconditional love, and how they inspire us everyday to work harder and do whatever makes us happy, knowing they will always support us.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, (it’s Sunday May 8th; mark your calendar!) so we decided to ask members of the SLU community what some of their favorite things are about their moms and what they would do to celebrate if they were with her for Mother’s Day!

Georgia Smith “My favorite thing about my mom is she knows all of my favorite groceries and buys them for me when I come home from school. I would take her on a vacation or bring our whole family together to see her.”

Ryan Castle “My mom is such a kind person. I would teach her how to play squash because she has been wanting to learn for a while.” 

Julian Jervis“I would cuddle with her if I could…yeah, I love cuddling my mom.”

Isabelle Tibbetts“My favorite thing about my mom is that she is a super adventurous person and is always coming up with new ideas that are always so crazy but end up making great stories. Her newest idea is that she is going to be a beekeeper. I would probably go on a walk with her somewhere because she loves finding great views, and then I’d let her take a picture of me because I never let her do that and she loves to.”

Thomas Shafer “My favorite thing about my mom is her willingness to help me with anything. I would take the dogs for a walk with her and then take her to lunch.”

Andrew Callahan“I love her overwhelming love for me and my family. I would make her breakfast in bed and then prepare a nice dinner for her afterwards.”

Emily Casey-Wagemaker “She’s very independent. I’d really like to take her on a day trip without my younger siblings so that she could have time to herself.”  

George Willis“My mom has a beautiful smile, and if I could spend the day with her, I would take her to dinner.” 

Ryan Palazzetti “My favorite thing about my mom is her willingness to put me and my sisters before herself.” 


Kate Songer “I can talk to my mom about anything. I would take her out to dinner on Mother’s Day, if I could.” 

Ryan Fletcher“If I could do anything for my mom on Mother’s Day, it would be to give her a carefree day, so she wouldn’t have to worry about any of her daily chores/responsibilities.”

Janelle Dillon “My favorite things about my mom are how hard-working, selfless, and driven she is. She will always put her children first and will do anything for us. I would have a spa day with my mom. I love my mommy.”

Kingsley Amoako“Her heart is always with me no matter where I am and she is always there to support me. I’d give her the world.”


Julia Mitiguy “Everyday my mom inspires me with her compassion for others, strength, love for adventure, and passion for life. She leads an accomplished life with her positive attitude and selfless desire to help others. My mom is my inspiration, role model, and best friend. If I could be with my mom for Mother’s Day, we would spend a day together with the entire family, cooking, eating, and showering my mom with love; followed by a visit to the beach to walk along the sandy shores with those that I love the most.”


So let’s thank all of the moms out there for loving us unconditionally and for giving all of us some great genes (and jeans from the 80s that are back in fashion). 

A first year at St. Lawrence University, squash player, PCA Major from New York City.
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