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How to Survive Winters at SLU

We all know winters at SLU can drag us down a bit, so here are some helpful tips on how to survive St. Lawrence Winters.

  1. Own a parka- A puffy down jacket that that just about reaches your knees is one of the biggest necessities when going to school up north. 


  2. A pair of warm snow boots- Bean boots or Sorrels are hot commodities on campus. Nothing is worse than cold toes when walking to class. Make sure they’re lined! 


  3. Cute winter accessories- Furry hats, mittens, scarves, etc. can turn a drab winter outfit cute and also keep you toasty warm. 


  4. Own some big sweaters- On those days when it’s below zero, you still want to be cozy when you take your big parka off inside. 


  5. Find the buildings to cut through- Trust me, you can find buildings to cut through so your walk isn’t as brutal. Even if you’re only inside for 30 seconds, it will be worth it. 


  6. Try to go to the gym- I know, the dreaded gym. But seasonal depression is a thing, and sometimes it gets lonely sitting in your dorm just trying to stay warm. Exercising gets your endorphins going and puts you in a better mood, no matter what the temp is outside. 


  7. And on that note… don’t stay in your room- don’t let the cold keep you from being social. Get a hot chocolate and cozy up with friends in the Student Center or ODY to do your homework. 


  8. Get a humidifier- When the temp drops and you can’t keep your window open anymore, the heat makes the air unbearably dry. Try to get a humidifier so your throat isn’t itchy-scratchy every morning. 


  9. Avoid the SLUbonic winter plague- To avoid getting the full-blown flu, try to stay clean. The rooms and buildings get stuffy in the winter, so try to air out your room, keep washing your hands, and try to avoid sharing drinks with all your friends at parties. 


  10. Don’t trust your alcohol blanket- It may seem like your drinks got you covered, but it’s more dangerous than it may seem. Even if it’s not cute or doesn’t match your outfit, be smart and wear a big jacket.
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