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How to Start Your Own Business

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Law U chapter.

Have you ever had an innovative idea for a new product or service that could change your community, school, or even the world? Oftentimes it is hard for these ideas to pass from imagination to real life, but I am here to help make your dreams turn into a reality! For all of the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, here is a guide to starting your own business:

Bring out your inner kid:

We all made those proverbial lemonade stands when we were young, creative, and trying to find a way to make money while having fun with friends. The child in us lives on when we are brainstorming creative ways to solve a problem.

Write down your ideas:

The best ideas come to mind when we are least expecting them to. It helps to keep a log of your innovations either in a journal or on your phone, so that you don’t forget all of your ideas!

Pursue any idea:

No matter how simple or lofty your idea may seem, it is worth pursuing! Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of tackling the big ideas.

How unique is your idea?:

Be sure to research your competition to see if a product similar to the one you want to create already exists. The most successful innovations are those that create their own market.

Identify the problem:

Once you have chosen the idea that inspires you the most, make sure it is solving an identifiable problem in your community or on a larger scope. The most successful innovations are those that solve problems imaginatively.

Take advantage of the school resources:

The Entrepreneur Club on campus can connect you with Clarkson University’s Shipley Center for Innovation. Shipley will help you create a business plan and mentor you throughout the process of turning your idea into a reality.

Failure is the key to success:

Lastly, don’t be afraid of failing! After all, you won’t know what it feels like to really succeed until you have failed at least once. It is all part of the process of starting your own business.


Kayla is Junior at St. Lawrence University, majoring in Communications and minoring in Sociology. She is a member of the Women's Lacrosse team on campus and is Vice President of Public Relations at Delta Delta Delta. She lives in Milbrook, NY where she is the 2nd oldest of four children and where her 4 doggies stay. Her role models include.. Amy Schumer. Kayla just recently got back from a semester abroad in Prague and is excited to pick up Chapter Coorespondent for Her Campus St. Law U once again!