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How to Create a Picture Perfect Dream Board

We’ve all had those times where we don’t know which direction to go in or we just need some inspiration. Sitting back and dreaming about your ideal life is a perfect way to gain clarity and pivot you toward the direction you are meant to go. A dream board is a perfect way to create a concrete version of these dreams. Here’s how to make YOUR perfect dream board!

Find a Surface

You can use almost any surface to create your dream board. More important than the surface, though, is where you want to set it up. Is it something you want to see every morning when you wake up? If so, a wall or a door may be a good idea. If not, something more moveable, like a cork or poster board may be the best option.

Do a Future-Self Guided Meditation

There are a ton of guided meditations on YouTube geared toward helping you visualize what your ideal life and self are really like. These are great to do right before searching for photos to add to your dream board because they ease you into the mindset of your best self.

Find Photos

Whether it be through google searches, Pinterest boards, or your own photos, be sure to find and choose images that make you happy. They should be images that motivate you to work towards your goals. Dream big!

Print and Paste

Now for the fun part! This is where your board starts coming to life. After printing your favorite “dreams”, paste/tape/staple them onto the surface you’ve chosen. You can create a collage or even write on your board, explaining and affirming your dreams verbally. Make it fun! After all, this is something you’ll want to look at for inspiration.

Add or Replace Images When New Dreams Arise

Dreams are allowed to change…and so is your dream board! Make as many changes as you want as often as you want. This refreshes the energy you are creating for yourself and adds momentum to all those dreams that stay on the board.

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