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As most of you may already know, Easter is the weekend after spring break and since we still have a normal class schedule, most students will not be going home. While this may be hard for people, especially freshman as this is their first Easter at college, there are plenty of fun things to do for Easter up here in Canton, New York.


1. Find a good place to go to brunch- Having Easter brunch, for most families, is a tradition that should never die so one of the first things all St. Lawrence students should do is make a reservation to go to brunch. While Jakes on the Water may be a prime location for brunch, as they do have amazing food, The Best Western right next to campus puts on an amazing Easter brunch, along with other restaurants in Potsdam. If you wait too long to make a reservation, it’s okay as well because Dana also has a great Easter Brunch that many locals like to go to.

2. Buy a cute flowery dress to wear- Even if you don’t plan on going to brunch, everyone should dress up for Easter because it keeps the spirit of the holiday alive. Even if you are walking around campus in a nice dress or show up to Dana in it, it’s okay because it’s Easter Sunday so therefore, everyone should look nice.

3. Call your parents- While it may be hard to talk to your parents on Easter because it’s a holiday that you cannot be home for, your parents will want to hear from you. Talking to your parents on this holiday is important because it lets them know that you are doing okay, despite this being the first holiday you cannot be home for.

4. Buy tons of candy- While it seem redundant to buy yourself some Easter candy, everyone deserves to have candy on Easter, no matter where it came from. While, most likely, your parents will be buying you Easter candy and sending it to you, you can never have enough candy, especially on Easter.

5. Enjoy the day- Despite the fact that Easter Sunday seems to be a normal Sunday here at SLU, everyone should still remember (and enjoy) that it’s Easter. Even though Sunday’s tend to be a work day for most students here, everyone should take a break from their work, go outside and enjoy this holiday, even if it’s for a brief moment.


Easter is a wonderful holiday, despite most students not being able to go home for it. While there will be some students that drive home and see their families, you can still enjoy this amazing holiday with your friends at SLU.


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