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How to Avoid the Valentine’s Day Blues

The shelves of all of the local stores are decked out in pink and red, filled from top to bottom with hearts and chocolates. For some, it is an indication that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, a time to spend treats and hugs and ‘I love yous’ with that someone special. But for others, those shelves are a reminder of that same day, as they dread it for those exact same reasons. Sound familiar? Not anymore! Here are five ways to avoid the Valentine’s Day Blues this February 14th.

Exercise - Regardless of what day it is, exercise is always a personal booster! Grab your sneakers and your favorite playlist and start your day off on the right foot feeling happy and motivated.

Volunteer - It’s true, nothing makes you feel as wholesome and at ease as giving back. Consider volunteering in the local community or completing even a few simple acts of kindness. You won’t regret it!

Travel - Okay, so most schools are still in session on February 14th, but that doesn’t mean your day has to be totally routine. Grab a friend - or maybe have some alone time - and go on an adventure!

Treat yourself - Whether its a dinner date with friends, a special visit to see family, or allowing yourself to buy that new sweater you’ve been wanting, let it happen!

Throw a slumber party - If you think you are the only one who hates Valentine’s Day, it just isn’t possible. So gather together some friends, pick your favorite movie and pass around the ice cream and popcorn!

Forget what day it is - enough said.

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