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Not sure what to ask for for Christmas?  Any ideas on what to get your best friend, parent, or sibling?  Here’s a versatile guide of trending items that everyone’s got on their list this year!

Funky Candles

Unique, molded candles like these have been all over social media lately and are a great decor piece to add to any room! Lex Pott & Goober Candles are brands that carry fun candles in two very different styles. You can also funky candles on Etsy, Urban Outfitters, and Free People!

Blue Light Glasses

Does someone you know use their phone way too much? Blue light glasses started to trend back in the early quarantine days as a way to protect your eyes against the harsh blue light given off by screens. They’re fashionable and prevent eye strain, as well as blurry vision, for long days working from home or staring at your screen. A lot of clothing stores sell them now as well as Amazon. You can even get them with a prescription if you wear glasses/contacts already!

Trending Sweatshirts

Athleisure and dressing comfortably are very popular right now, especially when it can be made cute. Brands like Madhappy, Talentless, Boys Lie, and Pangaia all sell sweatshirts as well as sweatsuits that are a perfect gift for 2020! With so many different colors, styles, and messages you can find one for you and all your loved ones!


Skincare is so important, especially in the cold winter months. Investing in some quality face masks, serums, eye creams, etc. is a very good idea for anyone. Brands like Glossier, The Ordinary, Drunk Elephant & CeraVe offer a variety of highly-rated products varying in the price range!

Wide Leg Denim

Lately, skinny jeans seem to be a thing of the past! Wide & relaxed leg denim is being worn by everyone! They look super flattering and have a variety of styles, my favorite being split leg & big ripped knees. Urban Outfitters, Princess Polly & Zara are very popular brands selling pants like this. You can also find many other clothing pieces on these sites, making for even more gift ideas.


Give or receive the gift of an experience rather than tangible items with memberships or subscriptions! This idea gives the recipient a little bit more flexibility in how they choose to use the gift. A variety of options exist for this gift idea, including exercise, food, music, entertainment, etc.  Some current & popular options include SoulCycle, FabFitFun, Hello Fresh, Spotify, and Disney +.

What are you doing for your holiday gifts this year? Let us know!

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Hi! My name is Claire Wergin, a proud member of HC at St Law U! I'm studying Communications and Psychology with a focus and intended career in Social Media/Public Relations. Some of my favorite things to do outside of the classroom are spending time with family & friends, baking, traveling, and exercising!
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