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Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about spending the day with a significant other! It can also be a special day to spend with people that you love. This Valentine’s Day, make sure to get your girls together so that you can be with the people that you truly care about. Here are some ways that you can turn Valentine’s Day into Galentine’s Day this year.

1. Travel to a city: Valentine’s Day falls on mid-semester break this year so you can always get your friends together and travel to a city. Try to take a bus or train to NYC, or even take a road trip down to Boston! Valentine’s day can feel lonely without a significant other, but being in the city surrounded by people all the time is a good way to distract yourself from feeling so alone! Plus, what better way to explore a city than with your BFF?


2. Have a movie night: I don’t know about you, but a classic Valentines day option is a girls movie night. Make some popcorn, get your girls together, grab a blanket, and throw on your favorite movie!  Some options are Valentine’s Day, The Notebook, or The Vow.


3. Share dinner: Whether you are staying on campus, going home for break, or traveling, text a friend or two and go to a fun dinner! Turn Valentine’s day dinner into Galentine’s day, and make the most out of the day and treat yourselves! Make sure to call ahead – restaurants fill up fast on Valentines day!


4. Bake some yummy snacks: Valentine’s Day is always a great excuse to bake some great snacks. Grab a couple of friends and make some cookies or brownies, you will not be disappointed! You can also eat these later in the night when you are watching a movie with your friends!


5. Go shopping: What better way to celebrate this day than treating yourself to some new clothes? Whether it’s online shopping, or going to the closest shopping mall with your friends, buying new clothes is always a good way to show yourself some love.


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Hi everyone! I'm Kristen! I am a Performance and Communications arts and Psychology double major, and plan to one day hold a career in the public relations field. On campus, some of my favorite things to do are get chai lattes at the bookstore, run the nearby trails, head into town for some kombucha, or hang out at my sorority house with my friends! 
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