Easy Tricks to Avoid Jet Lag

Going on a trip? Worried about jet lag? Two of our members share some tips about how to avoid it!

Traveling far and wide to warm, beautiful places sounds perfect after being in middle-of-nowhere New York for the winter. When planning out trips, we rarely think about the time differences there might be if we choose to go somewhere really far away, which makes returning to the cold North Country even harder. Here are a few tips to think about before you go that might really help you when returning!

1. Don’t arrive to your destination in the dark – Stay away from flights that make it so you get to your vacation spot at night. Arriving while it’s still light out makes it easier on yourself to stay awake, making it less difficult to fall asleep when it is really nighttime.

2. Avoid taking sleep pills – Contrary to popular belief, pills like melatonin should not be taken for long flights because they will only make it harder to wake up when you land.

3. Work out when you get there! – This may seem like the last thing you would want to do when you finally get to your vacation spot and want to just lay in the sun. However, even just a short jog is instrumental in boosting your energy and getting you moving after a long flight.

4. Drink water!! Before, During, and After – Like with anything, being dehydrated makes the task that much harder since it makes you more exhausted. Keep drinking water to avoid feeling sleepy.

5. Naps definitely aren’t just for children – Everyone knows how nice a mid-day nap feels, and they are even better when you’re feeling a bit jetlagged. Don’t be afraid to take naps on your trip to get the same amount of sleep you would normally be getting, just make sure they aren’t too long!

-Sylvie Holding

As a person who travels abroad often, I find myself having jet lag frequently when I come back home. If you are traveling or are planning any trips to a different tme zone, here are some quick tips on how to make the transition easier!

1. Sleep well the night before - Your mom has told you this before a big test or game, but the same truth applies to taking on jet lag.

2. Try to get on the correct schedule the week before.

3. Avoid night flights - Night flights tend to be cheaper, but they are worse for your sleep schedule! They will make you more likely to sleep during the flight which may cause jet lag after arriving in a new location. 

-Celia Diller