College Without Coffee? Yes, It's Possible!

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a graduating senior, college and coffee just seem to go together. In fact, coffee is both an essential and an aesthetic for many. But if you’re like me and would rather leave the cute coffee pics on your Pinterest boards than try to recreate them with real coffee, look no further. This is what you do if you’re a college student who doesn’t like coffee:

  1. 1. Get Adequate Rest

    The importance of getting enough sleep is so often overlooked by busy students, even though it is the very thing that will keep us thinking and working efficiently. Cramming the night before for a test or an essay is all too common. The best thing to do is space out your work in a way that allows you to go to bed at the same time every night and not wake up completely drained in the morning. If you really don’t have time to get enough sleep at night or even take a nap, at least allow yourself to have a mental break by meditating. ​

  2. 2. Eat Healthy Foods

    It’s so easy to get carried away with all the sugary and carb-loaded foods available, especially during midterm season. Food is certainly comforting, but eating unhealthy foods will only lead to a feeling of lethargy that will make those impending deadlines feel even worse. Incorporating a healthy balance of all of the food groups into your diet will make you feel energized and ready to ace all those midterms.

  3. 3. Chocolate

    If you ever feel like ignoring tip #2, I highly recommend trying AWAKE chocolate. These bars are the best because not only are they caffeinated to give you energy, but they are also absolutely delicious.

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  4. 4. Take Breaks

    You can take a walk, nap, call a friend, or go to the gym. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to feel like you’ve just had a full night of sleep.

See, contrary to popular opinion, it is very possible to get through college without coffee. You’ve just got to manage your time, keep stress levels down, and each chocolate. Easy! Now go and ace those tests!


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