Clutch Prep

Have you been struggling in some of your classes? Have you tried just about every studying tactic and are seeing little to no improvement? Are you having trouble following or understanding your professor in class? Then you should check out Clutch Prep!

This amazing online resource works to help students strive in their classes. The textbooks designed to instruct these classes can tend to be unproductive and sometimes not worth the hefty price you have to pay. However, Clutch Prep provides videos that break down content based on specific textbooks used in classrooms in order to aid students in understanding problem-solving concepts. Over 348,000 students have benefited from their experience with Clutch and 90% of them have seen significant improvement in their grades. This site offer over 14,500 practice problems to guarantee success for their users.

If you need assistance in courses such as Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Cell Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, MCAT, Calculus, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, or Accounting, Clutch Prep is the perfect website for you! So many St. Lawrence students rely on Clutch Prep while studying for tests and quizzes or even just for getting ahead in class. If you are currently struggling in a course, I highly recommend checking this site out and experimenting to see what wonders it can do for you!

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