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Written by Anna Sandt (’23)

Quarantine left most of us with a lot of free time for new hobbies. Mine? Testing and creating dishes with vegan alternatives. It sounds strange but there is quite the array and variety of products that don’t use animal products, and for the most part they are pretty tasty. There are many variations of non-dairy milks and creams, and with different flavor profiles and various recipes, the options are endless! I spent my quarantine weeding through the endless options and picking my top four non-dairy milks and dishes to try. 


Almond milk

 It’s a great go to and substitute for skim milk. The consistencies are very similar, almond just being slightly lighter, and the various flavors add a nice touch depending on your mood. Personally, it is my favorite non-dairy milk, it’s relatively simple to make and most grocery stores have it. The unsweetened vanilla option is great! I use it in coffee, oatmeal, dessert recipes, and it is fantastic in a protein pancake. Cooking with it is super easy, I definitely recommend it! 

Oat milk

 It’s super simple to make and it’s extra creamy, which pairs for the perfect latte. A plus side of oat milk is how easy it is to make yourself; blend, strain, and save, and you have yourself a personal supply. This allows for a more personalized flavor, rather than the store options, which can be pretty limited these days. I usually add some vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg to oats, which works great with all things coffee. Homemade oat milk and cold brew as a little afternoon pick me up; *chefs kiss*. I don’t do a lot of cooking with oat milk because of its flavor, but when I do it’s usually in a soup, which makes it extra thick and creamy. It also works great in thickening a smoothie bowl while still adding protein! 

Coconut Milk

It is the sweetest and lightest out of all the milks and works best in a chia pudding or iced matcha. Its sweetness also works well in a Thai coconut curry. While it is a little bit harder to find in some stores, its flavor profile works perfectly with spring and summer, as well as many Asian dishes. The milk is very popular in Thailand, South east Asia, Hawaii, and some Caribbean nations. It works perfectly in a summer refresher, a homemade pink drink, as well as soups and desserts! With summer around the corner, this milk is a go to! 

Cashew Milk

 Similar to oat milk, cashew milk has a very creamy texture and is great to pair with coffee or to replace a cream or milk in a dessert. The nutty flavor adds some spice, but it is definitely a less common alternative, but deserves more hype! It works really well in ice cream and coffee as well as in a sauce! I’ve had it in pasta sauces and it works wonders! Definitely a fun option to try. 

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