5 Spotify Playlists Every College Girl Should Have

Music gets us through the busy weeks of college...here are a few suggestions for playlists to keep handy throughout the semester! What are your favorite ones to listen to? 

One for Getting Ready

Get more excited for the day ahead and have a pump up, pick-me-up playlist for when you are getting dressed and putting on makeup. You will be surprised at how a few good songs in the morning will wake you up and get you going (but remember to make sure that it is okay with any roommates that you have!). Suggestions on Spotify (search under “Playlists”): “Happy Hits,” “Motivation Mix,” “Carpe Diem”.

One for Studying

Some people say that they cannot focus on reading or writing work while music is playing, but if you try listening to songs while doing projects or work that doesn’t require super intense focus, you will find that it helps you get into a rhythm and acts as helpful white noise that breaks the serious silence of a study space. Suggestions on Spotify (search under “Playlists”): “Brain Food,” “Bump n’ Grind,” “Deep Focus”.

One for Working Out

Everyone has their go-to tunes for running or working out; be sure to find what works for you (country, hip hop, rap) and keep a lengthy playlist of songs that you like so that you don’t have to worry about switching them while you are trying to get through your workout. Suggestions on Spotify (search under “Playlists”): “Sezzy Sounds: Sweaty,” “Workout Hip Hop,” “Hot Rhythmic”.

One for Going Out

Keeping a good playlist of party tunes is essential in college. Whether it be for when you are getting ready to go out for the night with your friends or if you randomly get handed the aux at a party, having a playlist everyone can bump to is a great thing to have on hand. Everyone loves party playlists of upbeat hip hop and house music, as well as some throwback songs from the middle school dance days (think: Akon, Sean Kingston, Nellie Furtado, Fergie, etc.). Suggestions on Spotify (search under “Playlists”): “Lean wit it, rock wit it,” “Global Top 50,” “Throwbacks,” “Rap Caviar,” “Going Out Songs,” “This is: Avicii”.

One for Chilling Out

Whether it be while you are relaxing on a Sunday, cleaning up your room after a busy week, or getting ready for bed, having a playlist full of soothing, relaxing songs to chill out to always comes in handy. Suggestions on Spotify (search under “Playlists”): “Morning Acoustic,”, “Chill Hits,” “Rainy Day,” “Country Hits,” “Best of Jack Johnson,” “John Mayer and Friends”.

(Photo: ocm.com)