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5 Reasons Why I Love Growing Up With Brothers

As the oldest and the only daughter in my family, life is always an adventure. I have two younger brothers named Mason, 17 and Remy, 14 who are always constantly on the move and are one of the best parts of my life. They will forever be my best friends if they like it or not and no matter what, the three of us will always be stuck together. Here are just a few reasons why I love growing up with brothers, despite the fact that I always wanted a sister :)

Constant entertainment: Whether it be the boys fighting each other or me butting in to break up the fight, the house is always full with laughter and jokes. There is never “quiet time” which has led me to be more of an outgoing and energetic girl which I know that my friends just love!

Nothing but honesty: Growing up with two brothers you can always rely on the fact that there is no sugarcoating. My brothers tend to handle situations differently. They are always the first ones to tell me when I’m thinking completely irrationally about situations. This tends to be most helpful when posting a picture on Instagram or finding a possible significant other.

An Endless closet: Everything will be big and will always fit! You can pretend it’s your boyfriend's sweatshirt even though it’s not, you never know it may come in handy at times!

They always have your back: No matter what happens, I know that my brothers will always have my back. Although they are always pushing my buttons and teasing me, if anyone outside the family was to try and do the same to me, they would be there in a second to stand up for me.

They always know how to cheer you up: If you’re feeling down, brothers always know how to crack a joke to make you smile, or be that shoulder to lean on. Although sometimes they think they’re funnier than they are, it’s always the thought that counts which makes me smile.

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Hi! My name is Hayli Poisson and I am originally from Marblehead, MA! I am currently a sophomore here at St. Lawrence and I am the secretary of HerCampus!
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