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The 12 Stages of Going to the Gym in College As Told By the Office

1. Telling yourself, “I’m going to go to the gym today to do a killer workout.”



2. Procrastinating actually going, you then decide to put together a workout playlist.



3. Bundling up for the cold walk over.



4. Walking into the gym and seeing that all the machines are taken.



5. Pretending to get in a good warm up in hopes that any machine will open up, even if it’s just a bike.



6. And then the entire football team runs right through everyone who is working out.



7. But thinking about how cold the walk over was, so you decide you might as well work out.



8. When you can tell no one is even close to being done with their workout, and you know you won’t get a machine for at least another 20 more minutes.



9. Attempting to lift weights, so you don’t give up on the whole “going to the gym” idea just yet.



10. Walking back from the gym.



11. And secretly knowing…



12. Rewarding your “hard work” anyways, because, hey, you deserve it!



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