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11 Reasons to Strive to Be More Like Becca K. From The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Law U chapter.

If you’re a bachelor/bachelorette fan, no doubt you have heard about the dramatic season finale of the bachelor. If you didn’t, here is a quick recap:

During the final episode, Arie, this season’s bachelor, dumped Lauren B. and proposed to Becca K. Weeks into his engagement with Becca K. he began having doubts about his decision. He came to the resolution that he had, in fact, made the wrong choice of women, and he wanted to be with Lauren B. Without question, the show certainly sets the contestants up for this to happen, however, we do not see it happen as often as one would think.

Rather than talking to Becca directly about the situation, Arie  called Lauren and confessed his true feelings. He then went to the show’s host, Chris Harrison, and ABC to explain. Of course, they wanted to get the entire breakup on film, and Arie agreed. Poor Becca K. was completely blindsided, as ABC sent her to a “happy couples weekend,” or so they told her, only to be broken up with, on NATIONAL television.

While being in Arie’s position can be confusing, and it must have been difficult to sort out his emotions when in this situation, I think we can all agree that the right thing to do would have been to go right to Becca, and NOT film the breakup. Even though this wasn’t the case, Becca handled the situation with poise and dignity.

Here are 11 reasons that Becca K. should be a role model for all women going through a breakup:

  1. She accepted his decision, and did what she could to move past it with grace.

  2. Though Arie proceeded to ask her time and time again, “Are you okay,” during the breakup, when clearly she was not, she kept her calm, and patiently continued to ask him to leave.

  3. During her time on After the Final Rose, she did not blame or accuse anyone for the situation. She simply accepted it for what it was.

  4. She did not have anything negative to say about Lauren or Arie when speaking about her disappointment.

  5. She recognized and accepted his emotions and his explanations as to why he made his decision.

  6. When Arie finally came out on stage, she did not attack him with questions. She asked him respectful and meaningful questions that would help her move on.

  7. As she asked him these questions, and he continued to deflect them, she did not pry, she took the high road and moved on from the particular question.

  8. She was able to recognize that it was time to move forward, because continuing to dwell on the unfortunate situation would be unhealthy.

  9. She showed self-respect and self-confidence, regardless of what she had just been through.

  10. She donated all of the money that people venmo-ed her to charity!

  11. She was grateful for all the positive things she gained from the show.

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