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10 Signs You’re Obsessed with the Holidays

Christmas is coming!! While most people enjoy the holiday season like any other, there are some of us who are over-the-top and incredibly festive, jolly Christmas lovers. If you aren’t sure where you fall, here is a list of 10 signs you might be obsessed with the holidays.

1. You started decorating even before Thanksgiving.

2. You spent all your money on Black Friday on gifts for people because you need to buy a meaningful present for everyone you know (and their dog).

3. You spend way more time getting ready for Christmas parties than any other night of the year.

4. You consider starting a fight with anyone who says “It’s too early for Christmas decorations.”

5. You don’t just know the words to every single Christmas song, but you have great Christmas music to get you ready for when you’re about to go out. Here’s a Spotify playlist that will fire up all your spirit while you get ready for any holiday party: https://open.spotify.com/user/22qnpuo2blvszntixx4eioauy/playlist/6j7krGPj4BqTGL1aFyvL73

6. Peppermint anything has officially become a staple in your diet.

7. The Christmas trees and string lights in Dana, the Student Center, and Brewer Bookstore bring a tear of joy to your eye.


8. You attend every Christmas market, craft sale, and holiday-themed event you possibly can.

9. Your recommend movies on Netflix are classic Christmas movies, all of which you have seen 100 times and will watch 100 times more.

10. Finally, your dog has become the official house reindeer for the month of December.

Photo Creds: St. Lawrence University, gif keyboard, the Odyssey, Chelsea De Luca

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