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What to do as a College Student in NYC: Brooklyn Edition

Making weekend plans in New York City can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do and see across all boroughs and worst of all, the weather can have a huge impact on weekend plans. It can be sunny, but super windy or rainy and humid. Despite the tough transition we endure to get into Spring, there is so much to do in the meantime and to look forward to. Here is just a quick list for your attempt to explore NYC, narrowing in with Brooklyn: 

Area 53

Growing up is tough, especially because you can’t enjoy all the activities you enjoyed as a kid without people saying you're "too old" for those activities. However, Area 53 is a chance to unapologetically feel like a kid again. Area 53 is an indoor adventure park. They have it all from rock climbing, to slides, to laser tag and paintball. There are even special time slots where it's exclusively open for 21+.

Sip N’ Play

Support a small business while sipping yummy drinks and playing classic board games. I’ve been here a number of times and always look forward to snacking on their sweet potato fries while enjoying a new game or two with some friends. Sip N’ Play is also the perfect place to meet new friends because everyone enjoys a little friendly competition. You pay $8 per person ($10 on weekends) for 3 hours, and can play over 1,000 games.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

For a small fee (with your College ID), this is the perfect spot to celebrate the beginning of spring and to regroup after midterms. Blooming flowers and fresh auras range across 52 acres with endless spots to meditate or just sit with friends to chat. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the glimpse at surrounding nature every New Yorker needs, whether you're born and raised or not so spoiled with the natures of the city you're from, you’ll forget you're even in the city that never sleeps. After all, everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle at some point. 

Brooklyn Bridge

My personal favorite, The Brooklyn Bridge remains a huge hub for all sorts of weekend plans. Walking the Bridge is a must for anyone and everyone; how can you be in New York and not even have a desire to walk across the Bridge? I like to begin on the Manhattan side, end up in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and sit on the northern side of Brooklyn Bridge Park with a slice of pizza from my favorite pizza spot, Front Street Pizza.

Brooklyn Flea

Yet another activity taking place in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Flea is the cutest little flea market in Brooklyn. From vintage clothes, to nick-nacks and gadgets, Brooklyn Flea is a great place to splurge after a stressful week. The Brooklyn Flea is seasonal, exclusively taking place during the spring and summer seasons under The Manhattan Bridge on Sundays. Make the perfect Sunday out in Brooklyn by walking the Bridge, shopping at Brooklyn Flea, and having a slice at the park.

Abigail is a Communication Arts Major at St. John's from Pico Rivera, California. Some say she's brave for studying so far from home, but she's just trying to get out of her comfort zone. She loves writing without fear, screaming Taylor Swift songs, and dancing at concerts.
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