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Don’t fret if you are a person who would rather not go to a party over the weekends, there are still some ways to have fun! In this list that I’ve compiled, I include ways to go out with friends without going to a party, things to do while staying in with friends, being home alone and connecting with friends, and how to have fun all by yourself! 

  1.  If you live in NYC, go out to Manhattan

You could venture into the city and go to a Broadway show or go out to one of the fun museums in Manhattan. There are ones like Ripley’s Believe or Not, or the Museum of Ice Cream. 

  1.  You could go to a school sports game

You could get tickets to a game at your school and go out to dinner or somewhere else with friends afterward. 

  1.  You could do an escape room with friends

Escape rooms are very fun and are really good for bonding with friends. You can decide whatever type you want to do. It is fun to figure out clues with friends and joke around when you mess up. They also don’t take very long which then gives time for you and your friends to do something else afterward. 

  1.  You can invite friends over for a movie night

You can make it fun and exciting with popcorn and discussion after the movies, or you could make it cozy with blankets and a marathon. 

  1.  A PowerPoint night

This is when people pick outlandish topics and do a PowerPoint presentation in front of friends. PowerPoint nights are funny, force you to be creative, and increase your confidence with public speaking. 

  1.  Board game night

You and your friends could play board games like Clue or Monopoly, this would be fun and get you off technology for a little while. If it is a team game it will help build connections and create a fun competition. 

  1.  Online games

If you want to hang out online you could use games like Jackbox or Gartic Phone. Jackbox has many party packs with games that are fun to play over a call with friends. Gartic Phone is a game with many drawing challenges including a type of telephone-like game, but with drawings. 

  1.  You can TeleParty or group stream a movie 

TeleParty is a Chrome extension that allows you to stream a movie with friends from multiple places. Many streaming services also have their own ways of streaming a movie together. 

  1.  Learn a new hobby

You could try something new with friends, like learning how to crochet or cook. You can also learn a new hobby by yourself, like cooking or baking. 

  1.  Binge a show 

You could take some time to binge a show people have been recommending to you, or catch up on a show that you’re behind on.

  1.  Read a book

You can read a book while listening to music and create an experience for yourself. This is especially fun if the book has a movie adaptation coming out soon! 

As you can see, even if you aren’t a party person there are still many ways to have fun over the weekend!

Caitlyn Oviedo

St. John's '25

Hi, I'm Caitlyn! I'm a junior journalism student at St. John's University. I am passionate about women's rights and intersectionality. My hobbies include reading, writing, and watching a lot of tv.