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Ways to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

It’s safe to say that I change my hair color more often than I should. Dyeing one’s hair can be a way of expressing oneself. As someone who has had red, orange, blonde, brown, purple and green hair, I know how fun it is to sit in a salon chair or in your bathroom awaiting a transformation. On the other hand, I’ve experienced the tears when my hair doesn’t curl back the way it should, when my hair growth is stunted, or when I have to cut it because of damage. With all of this to say, I have a few tips that you can use to maintain the health of your colored hair. 

1. Deep Condition!

  • If you do nothing else mentioned here, at least make sure you deep condition your hair. One downside to colored hair is that it tends to get dry more easily; and dry hair is prone to breakage. To alleviate dryness, I use a deep conditioner. It brings whatever moisture is lacking back to my locks. Many products on the market help build back bonds that are broken with color, as well. Aphogee, and Olaplex are a few of my favorite lines that have protein/moisturizing treatments that work wonders for colored hair. 

2. Refrain from coloring your hair more than three times a year. 

  • My second tip is to allow your hair to breathe. Refrain from drastic color changes more than three times a year. The sight of grown out roots, while sometimes annoying, signifies healthy hair. Your hair will thank you if you stretch out the amount of time between chemical processes. Overlapping these processes in short amounts of time almost usually guarantees damage. If dull hair is an absolute no for you, I suggest a semi-permanent color that will keep your hair vibrant without all the harmful chemicals. I love the brands Arctic Fox and Adore.

3. Do low manipulation styles.

  • Colored hair needs no extra stress. Meaning, the less heat styling you do, the better. You’ll want to avoid tight hairdos, or styles that are harsh on your hair. Wear it out when possible. 

Colored hair is fun, but damaged hair is far from it. Deep conditioning, waiting before coloring my hair and refraining from styles that manipulate my hair have all helped me maintain its health; and I know they will help you, too. If you are struggling with your colored hair or simply want to be proactive with your hair health, try out the three tips above!

Alysha Richards

St. John's '23

19| NY| Hello! My name is Alysha Richards and I am a junior at St. John's University in Queens. I am currently working towards a degree in Legal Studies, and a minor in Journalism. Writing has always been a creative outlet for me. Lover of all things Disney & Marvel.