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Top Trends to Try This Fall 2019

As the season changes, so do the clothes and colors we wear. I personally love to switch up my style as mother nature does her thing, and I keep up with trends by following fashion blogs on Instagram. Since we are just now entering Fall, we are seeing some of the popular trends of summer peak into Fall 2019 fashion. The super neon trend has left with the 80-degree weather, but the forever fabulous cheetah print craze is here to stay. I’ve compiled a list of all the trendy fall fashion pieces that are essential to look like a somewhat put-together college student. 


photo via urbanoutfitters.com 

1. White Sneakers 

White sneakers are a staple. They pretty much go with everything. A cute sporty or girly looking white sneakers can add a certain flare to any simple outfit. White sneakers are a common trend in street fashion and definitely something that we’ll be seeing this fall.  

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photo via prettylittlething.us 

2. Camo print 

Camouflage is also a closet staple. Camo has its moment to shine during the fall season and we’ll be seeing a lot of it this year. It is also a very versatile print that can be found in pants, shirts, and jackets.

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photo via hm.com

3. Cheetah Print

Cheetah print is one of my personal favorite patterns. It is a classic print that was traditionally known to be “trashy” but has since made its way to high fashion and commercial fashion trends. This summer we saw a lot of cheetah print and this fall people are staying strong with the classic print and incorporating it in their wardrobes. 

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photo via asos.com

4. Plaid 

The plaid print is a pattern that has its best moments during the holiday season. Plaid is also a classic pattern that has always made a big impact in fall fashion. Like all years it’ll be really big and you’ll find it pants, blazers, and dresses.

Get this dress from ASOS for $32.00.


photo via asos.com 

5. Pop of color  

Last, but certainly not least, is the pop of color trend. We are used to seeing more subdued colors during the fall season, but this fall we are seeing a bunch of color. A dash of baby blue or lavender can make a simple outfit look even more put together. 

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