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Top Ten Fall Movies & TV Shows to Get You in the Festive Spirit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

Contains spoilers!

After enduring the sweltering summer heat for the last few months, it’s time to bask in the cool autumn breeze and enjoy the crunch of colorful leaves. Besides pulling out our favorite hoodies to commemorate the start of the season, we can get in the festive spirit by watching some of the greatest autumn movies ever created. 

1. “Annie

This movie follows a foster child named Annie who’s abandoned by her parents at a very young age. She is forced to live with her cruel foster mother, Miss Hannigan who mistreats the foster children and gives them a long list of chores to be completed every day. One day, Annie meets billionaire, Will Stacks who ends up adopting her, changing both of their lives in ways they never expected.

2. ”Marley & Me

Newlyweds Jennifer and John Grogan move to Florida in an attempt to put off having children. Instead, John gifts Jennifer a puppy named Marley who turns out to be a very rambunctious animal. Marley destroys almost everything in the house due to his lack of discipline. As their lives progress, the couple starts to realize that Marley was brought into their family for a reason.

3. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

Willy Wonka decides to have a contest that places five golden tickets in chocolate bars all over the globe. The five children who find the tickets will receive an exclusive tour of the factory. At the end of the tour, only one child will win a special surprise, but soon the children notice that the chocolate factory isn’t the same as what they’ve imagined.

4. “Nancy Drew”

Teen detective, Nancy Drew lives for solving mysteries. When her dad brings her to Los Angeles, she centers her entire trip on investigating the murder of a movie star, which presents her with obstacles along the way.

5. “Only Murders in the Building”

This TV show follows three strangers, Charles-Haden Savage, Mabel Mora and Oliver Putnam who reside in the Arconia, an affluent Upper West Side apartment building. They bump into each other on the elevator one day and discover that they share a common interest in true crime broadcasts. Who knew that having a fun hobby would lead to the group uncovering suspicious deaths happening all throughout the Arconia? The show continues with this theme as the three investigate various cases and document their findings on their own true crime podcast.

6. “Mean Girls”

Cady Heron is a new student at her high school and she’s quickly recruited by the A-list clique, “The Plastics”. As they take Cady under their wing she learns what being on top of the social pyramid entails. She creates enemies along the way as she gets into situations that cause her to inflict harm on those she cares about.

7. “Coraline”

Eleven-year-old, Coraline and her parents move into an old house. While living there, she feels that her parents don’t give her enough attention. One day, she finds a hidden door that opens to a parallel universe of her life. Coraline witnesses many secrets and discrepancies that have her questioning her current life.

8. “Knives Out

Famous crime novelist, Harlan Thrombey is found dead at his estate after celebrating his 85th birthday. Detective Benoit Blanc is hired to investigate this murder, and he witnesses a very dysfunctional family whose secrets slowly get exposed, bringing the detective one step closer to the murderer.

9. “Clueless

Cher Horowitz lives in a Beverly Hill mansion and believes that she should be able to get anything she wants. When Cher realizes the gift she has for helping people, she takes a new student, Tai Fraiser under her wing. When Tai begins to ruffle the social hierarchy within the school, tensions rise between her and Cher, giving her a reality check.

10. “A Cinderella Story”

Samantha Montogmery’s life turns upside down when she loses her father during an earthquake. Now, she lives with her stepmother and awful stepsisters who force her to do all their chores and errands. Samantha begins to email a guy named Nomad and eventually realizes that she has feelings for him but can never share her true identity. Although she encounters this dilemma, Samantha navigates through this crisis to find her happy ending.  

I promise you will not be disappointed with any of these festive, fall films, happy watching!

Jazmyne Easley

St. John's '23

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