Smart Girls Skimm



Let's be honest...Reading or even watching the news can sometimes be the definition of boring. TheSkimm spices things up. Made by women and geared towards women, theSkimm presents top headlines in a way that is, well, not boring. Upon subscribing to, each morning you will be greeted by the latest news in your inbox. The daily newsletter begins with a "Quote of The Day" by a figure that has recently done or said something admirable or so bizarre that it just needs recognition. The newsletter continues with information on international and US affairs, book reviews, and even well birthday wishes to some of theSkimm readers.

TheSkimm is perfect for you if you're just the average college girl trying to get by, while obviously impressing everyone that you meet. Class at 10:40? No problem. Wake up at 10, quick cup of coffee, get dressed (fabulously, of course), and pull up the newsletter as you walk out the door. The interactive format of the newsletter is quick and fun to read. You'll be caught up on what's actually going on in the world around you within your five-minute walk to class.