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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

How Consent Changes Everything

With the current socio-political climate there is a lot of discussion on what it means to give permission in exchange of intimate encounters. There have been a series of reports worldwide bout what giving consent means and how on various occasions people have been pressured into situations.

First, consent is giving verbal confirmation that you are indeed aware and want any act that is going to performed on you. It is important to understand that because just because you agree to kiss someone doesn’t mean you are obligated to do anything else. This is something that is not portrayed well in media at all. The way these scenes are portrayed is if anyone is going to somewhere private you have agreed to something more than a little makeout. The only counter is a kiss at the door that doesn’t appear in modern movies much anymore.

So let’s think about that…truth be told not all teenagers or young adults are having sex the first time they meet someone. So it is hard to communicate those kinds of expectations if you haven’t been in it many times or just aren’t cognitive. It is important to understand that you should not drink to the point of blacking out, it only makes situations worse. There also needs to be accountability for those that may be trying to abuse sensitive situations. If you see something, say something or step in, you really could be changing someone’s life. Another issue people face is standing by while horrible things around them happen. Everyone needs to have the courage to stand for a greater humanity.

Consent is merely a confirmation of an exchange, verbally stating that you understand the terms and indeed want them. Not only does this concept clear the air, but will also all fo no confusion. If you find yourself in a compromising situation be as vocal as possible and try to get to your phone to alert someone for help. Do not be afraid to fight back. Everyone needs to make an active effort to make interactions between one another safer. Stay accountable of one another and most importantly stay safe.


London-Calderon is a Senior at St. John's University and is EIC for the chapter. She spends her time writing, listening to music and working on several unfinished books. When she graduates she plans on going into the workforce and reporting for a publication. She is also an intern at Newsday Media.