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Being the single friend is never comfortable when you get stuck being the third wheel or in worse scenarios the fifth wheel. The casual tag along for a double date from hell.

I’ve always enjoyed being the single friend and after I got to college it made things a lot more interesting. Those few friends in a relationship I find often coming to me for advice as if me being single provides some type of unspoken right to knowledge. Even though most of my attempted relationships have failed. The few of them ended in flames and bombs, but still in the fail category.

The struggles of being the single friend aren’t just stuck to just myself. I am sure we have all been there at some point. If you or a friend have even been stuck as the single friend I’m sure you’ve experienced some of the following.

1.     Uncomfortable PDA (even during a conversation)


2.     Awkward dinners when they decide just to talk to each other.


3.     Being caught in the middle of their flirt battle


4.     Being forced to give them both advice without the other person knowing


5.     Them trying to set you up with any of their friends


6.     People assuming you want to die alone


7.     Having people think you have commitment problems



8.     Not being able to hang out with a friend because they already have plans with their significant other


9.     When they break up you have to pick up the pieces


10.  Plans with a friend in a relationship usually is plans with both


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