Protective Hairstyles to Try for the Fall/Winter Season

As all women know, keeping your hair and scalp protected in the winter is hard. Even with a hat, keeping your hair protected consists of having a particular hairstyle (some take an obscene amount of practice, and others do not). 

It is vital to keep your hair protected in the winter, and chilly months because wind and cold, crisp air take all of the moisture out of your hair. This means that going out in the cold will make your hair extremely brittle and be more prone to damage. 

Protective hairstyles cut down the manipulation in your hair, which means that damage will be prevented. Most protective hairstyles consist of tucking ends and strands safely out of the way of the strong winds and freezing air. 

Here are some protective hairstyles you can try during these cold months that are approaching:


1. Long double French braid 

Source: Pinterest 

Try this style here.


2. Box braids

Source: Naturally Curly

Learn how to box braids here.  

Another box braid style that is popular is the Zoe Kravitz look. 

Source: Refinery 29

Here is how to do Zoe Kravitz inspired box braids.


3. Double Buns

Source: Reader’s Digest

Learn how to do this here.


You can also's try these super cute Space Buns.

Source: Pinterest

Try this here.

4. Boho Braids

Source: Kamdora

For the Boho look, here is a tutorial.

5. Chignon headband 

Source: Missy Sue

Try it here.


6. Bantu Knots

Source: Curly Craze

Here’s a tutorial. 


7. Cinna-bun updo

Source: Luxy Hair

Try this here.


8. Crochet Braids

Source: Elevate Styles

Learn how to do crochet braids here.


9. Fishtail Braid

Source: Pinterest

Try this here.

10. Flat Twists

Source: BlogoCosa

Try flat twists here