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Pair Spring Break With Natural K-Beauty: Innisfree

Skin care and skin care regimes have been a major topic of discussion for the last few years, due in a huge part to the makeup industry. Many people found themselves flooding every Ulta and Sephora insight to get to the latest release of makeup palettes and it made them realize they indeed needed to wash their face. So keeping that same flow the skincare industry had a boom that could be seen worldwide. Both men and women were looking for new ways to keep their skin clear of any imperfections as well as pairing the right products for their skin.

There are commonly four different kinds of skin types combination, oily, dry and normal. Everyone is different meaning their biological makeup is different and skin does react to what someone eats as well as what they put on their skin. There are brands all over the world that cater to certain skin types and countries that have begun to get known for their particular beauty products. Korean beauty being the major forerunner for having a vast amount of beauty products that are all the rage. Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand based on the island of Jeju whose products are 80% natural. The products are derived from the purest ingredients on the island, made of green tea, amino acids, and minerals that benefit your skin.

Spring Break is a perfect time to get refreshed and really nail down a routine for the rest of the year. So kick back with the Innisfree sheet mask to replenish the hydration this winter has definitely drained from your skin and finish it off with the hydrating serum that leaves skin looking smooth. There is no wrong time to look out for oneself or take care of oneself so be sure to always find time to set aside to just be.

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