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Girl With Sunglasses Outdoors 1
Girl With Sunglasses Outdoors 1
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Must Have Fashion Items of Spring 2020

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, everyone is supposed to stay in-doors and just maintain a nice, healthy, six-feet distance from everyone else. It can be lonely and even tiresome. I’m being way too nice about this. I’m really bored, but there’s nothing I like more than shopping. So on the bright side, thank lord somebody created online shopping! It doesn’t feel like spring because myself and among others haven’t been able to set foot outside and even see daylight. So how can I really know it’s Spring? What if it’s summer and it’s the early signs of it?! Just kidding, it’s spring. Bring out the floral tops and distressed shorts. Below you’ll find some more ideas!  Mix and Match how you like!

Pastel Sweater Sets

Girly Peplum Puffy Blouses

Floral Print

Tye Die

Bright Sunglasses

Devashri Narayan

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Chanelle Norman

St. John's '20

Chanelle is a graduate of St. John's University '20 and former Editor-in-Chief for the chapter. When she's not sleeping for ungodly hours at a time she spends her time reading, writing and watching movies. She's pursuing her dreams of working in the book industry.